Baby Showers in Doral, FL

Hosting a baby shower is a wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together in expectation of a new baby. If you’re planning a kid-friendly baby shower, Ball Mania is ready to provide the ideal indoor party venues near Doral, FL. Our party places have everything you need for parents and children to enjoy a completely stress-free experience with one of our personalized party packages.

Tips for Planning a Kid-Friendly Baby Shower

There is no reason you can’t host an amazing baby shower with both mothers and children as the main guests. Once you’ve chosen kid-friendly indoor party facilities like Ball Mania, there are a few other baby shower tips that will help you plan your baby shower party.

  • Consider your guests when determining the best time for your baby shower. If possible, avoid a time when children and parents will have other commitments; late morning through early afternoon can be an ideal time, especially since our party place will provide a meal.
  • When sending out your baby shower invitations, mail invitations to your younger guests as well. Children will love receiving their own personalized invitation, regardless of whether you opt to send written or electronic invites. Make sure you ask parents to RSVP to ensure all your invitations have been received.
  • Although your younger party guests will have a great time playing in Ball Mania’s interactive playground environment, consider setting aside a little time for some children’s baby shower indoor party entertainment as well. Popular games for a kid-friendly baby shower include the dirty diaper game and variations on the draw the baby game; you can also ask children to write down their own baby advice for the mother-to-be.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Choosing a baby shower theme is a great way to personalize this special event. When selecting your theme, consider factors such as the mother’s preferences, the guest list and guests’ ages, and your baby shower venue.

  • Light, fun themes such as nursery rhymes and animals are a great baby shower theme for casual showers, especially those that include younger guests.
  • Hobby-related baby showers are great for expectant mothers who share hobbies with their friends, such as quilting, sports, music, or scrapbooking.
  • If you know the sex of the baby, consider incorporating colors and imagery associated with boys or girls into your baby shower theme. Even if the sex is unknown, primary colors or soft pastels make great color-based themes for a baby shower.

Ball Mania’s birthday party center offers accommodations and party packages for baby showers, private parties, baby birthday parties, kids birthday celebrations and much more in Doral. You can reach our party spots by calling (305) 640-0701 to discuss baby shower and toddler fun ideas with an experienced party planner.

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