• Food Ideas for Outer Space Themed Parties

    Outer space is a fun theme for indoor parties , because you can decorate with glow-in-the-dark stars, hanging planets, and colorful aliens. You can also serve inventive snacks and dishes that will entertain all of your child’s friends and guests. Indoor party facilities in Doral, FL will often include food and drinks with their indoor party packages. However, you may be able to supplement these items with fun, outer space-themed snacks. Continue reading for a few ideas.

    • Cake pops are very popular, and these circular desserts can make great edible planets. Dip a cake pop into colored candy melts, stick it into a decorated foam ball, and allow it to dry. You can use various colors to make different planets, and set up the cake pops as edible centerpieces.
    • You can also offer different snacks—like cookies, donut holes, and donuts—and give them space-themed labels.
    • There are also dehydrated snacks and foods that astronauts eat. You can find these packages at camping stores, space museums, and online retailers.

  • How to Make Fun and Cute Bug Snacks for Your Child’s Party

    If your child loves bugs and the outdoors, then a bug-themed birthday party is the perfect choice for her next birthday. There are many ways to decorate and complete this birthday party idea near Doral . As you can see in the video, you can create some cute and simple party snacks that look like your child’s favorite bugs. Let’s look at how to make these creepy-crawly snacks.

    Create ladybug snacks using crackers, cream cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes, olives, and chives. Be sure that the kids in attendance are old enough to safely eat these yummy birthday party snacks. Create spiders with crackers, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, melted chocolate, and colored candies. Make a healthy, butterfly-shaped vegetable display with crackers, cucumbers, and carrots. Enlist your older children to help make these cute and fun bug snacks for the next birthday party.

  • DIY Party Favors for Toddlers

    Do-it-yourself birthday party favors can be a lot of fun for parents and kids. There are so many favors that toddlers can help make too, such as watercolor snowflakes and noisemakers. Let’s take a look at simple and fun do-it-yourself favors for the next toddler’s birthday party in Doral . party - favors


    Cut out several identical circles from cardboard or corrugated paper. Set aside two circles for every noisemaker, and decorate one side of each circle. Glue the two undecorated sides together with a popsicle stick in between. Punch holes along the edge and tie a length of waxed twine into each one. Tie a colorful bead or button on the other ends. This favor can be decorated by the toddlers as an added craft during the birthday party.

    Cookie Holders

    Give kids a sweet treat and a favor at the same time with a cookie holder. Use parchment paper to keep cookies or small treats fresh, and place them into paper towel tubes. Wrap the tube with colorful crepe paper and tie each end with ribbon and a name tag.

    Party Hats

    Give each child their own birthday party hat by gathering several pieces of patterned paper. Cut out 12-inch squares and fold them in half. Cut slits down the open side and stop about two inches away from the fold. Use a pencil to curl the strips so they bounce and move. Make a hat by bringing the two ends together and stapling into a circle. Punch two holes and string with ribbon for a fun party hat.


    A mermaid or ocean themed birthday party would not be complete without a seashell favor. Give each child a seashell to decorate with colored sand, beads, and glitter. This favor can be used as a nice memento or paperweight.

    Watercolor Snowflakes

    Give each child an oversized coffee filter to color with markers. Fold it over several times. Each child can cut different shapes with safety scissors. Unfold the filter, spritz with water, and watch the colors blend together.

  • Etiquette Lessons for a 7-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

    Teaching your child lessons is essential to his development, and those lessons should not stop when planning his birthday party. With a birthday coming up, your child can learn how to invite guests and thank them as you develop birthday party ideas near Doral . Watch the video and read below for a few etiquette lessons for your child’s next birthday party.

    If your child wants to invite friends from his class, then it is customary to invite the entire class. This practice ensures that everyone has an opportunity to attend the birthday party and one child does not feel left out. After your child’s birthday party, help him to write out personalized thank you cards to his guests. These etiquette lessons will follow your child throughout his life, so it is important to enforce them while planning his birthday party.

  • Keep Your Child’s Party Safe with These Essential Tips

    Your child’s safety is paramount at all times, especially during his or her birthday party in Doral. However, that safety must also extend to your child’s friends and guests during a birthday party. You might be concerned with strangers coming to your child’s party, and you must be prepared in case there is an injury or accident. You can maintain your child’s safety and the safety of his guests with the help of a private party place and a selective guest list. Continue reading below for a better look at how to give your child a safe birthday party. child - party

    Make it an exclusive party.

    Keep your party safe by limiting the number of people that you invite. If you make your child’s birthday party open to friends of your guests, then you risk strangers coming into your party. These strangers could cause problems for your guests, including the children in the party. Do not make your child’s party common knowledge to anyone beyond family and close friends. If you put an invitation or group up through your social media profile, then put privacy settings in place so that only you and your guests can see the information. If you send out paper invitations, then ask parents to call you directly if they wish to bring an extra child or family member. These safeguards will help prevent unknown guests from attending your child’s birthday party and keep the guest list to a manageable group.

    Book a private party place.

    Private party places provide a multitude of amenities, such as dedicated party hosts and play areas. When you book one of these birthday party places, you can also utilize decorations, menu choices, and various activities. However, a private birthday party place can also ensure that your child’s birthday party is kept private and safe. These party places provide hosts to keep your child’s guests entertained and aware of who is supposed to be at your party. Party places also have safety measures in place in case someone is injured at a party.

  • Keep Your Toddler Entertained with These Fun Party Ideas

    The key to having a successful toddler birthday party is to keep the toddlers entertained. Choosing a fun party place, games, and favors are a few easy ways to ensure all of the kids at your toddler’s birthday party are having fun. Let’s take a closer look at some entertainment ideas for your toddler’s next birthday party near Doral. kids - birthday - party

    Birthday Party Places

    There are many different places to host a birthday for your toddler. You can choose your home or a public park; however, these places can lead to stressful party planning and expensive party games and decorations. If you look for a designated party place, complete with various play areas and amenities, then you can enjoy your toddler’s birthday party with him and all of the other guests.

    Colorful Themes

    Themes are a great way to steer the decorations, food, games, and presents in a certain direction. For example, a superhero or princess theme can be outfitted with countless decorations, including invitations, thank you cards, cups, plates, and party favors. Many party places have a large selection of themes you and your toddler can choose from. Ask your party hosts about the different amenities that are offered to complete your chosen theme. If you pick a theme not carried by the party place, then ask about complementary colors and designs for your party decorations.

    Party Games

    Keep your toddler and his friends, entertained with various types of party games at his next birthday party. Common birthday party games typically include “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” hitting a piñata, and “Marco Polo” in the ball pit. These games and more are great fun for your toddler and his friends; and they are fun for parents to watch.

    Inventive Party Favors

    Instead of giving away candy or stickers, look for inventive party favors that your toddler and his friends will love. You can give away different craft kits, gardening kits, or coloring books. These favors and many more are inexpensive and will enrich your toddler and his friends.

  • To Invite or Not: Dealing with Common Party Invitation Rules

    Conventional wisdom about children’s birthday parties is that the number of guests should be the child’s age plus one—for instance, six guests as a birthday party for a five-year-old. Of course, this rule is rarely followed, and instead, parents can be left wondering who should and shouldn’t get an invite to their child’s birthday party in Doral . Don’t let your child’s party guest list turn into a high-stakes negotiation. Keep things fun and minimize the stress by sticking to these party invitation rules. Children's - Party

    School-Aged Children

    Guest lists are the most difficult for school-aged children. Start by checking with your child’s school. Some have rules about inviting the entire class to birthday parties, while others will only allow invitations to be distributed at school if the whole class is invited. Although inviting the entire class is a nice gesture, it is not always financially practical for families. If you can’t allow your child to invite his or her whole class, encourage him or her to choose a small group of close friends for the celebration, and then arm him or her with ways to navigate any hurt feelings that could arise if children find out they aren’t included. Recommend that your child avoids discussing the party at school unless the entire class is included.


    For parties for young children, you may wonder if the other parents should be invited as well. Unless you want to rely on parents to take responsibility for their own children throughout the party, you are not obligated to include them in the invitation. If there are parents who you count as closer friends or who included you in their children’s birthday parties, then extending an invitation is a nice gesture. Most parents will welcome the break they get when only their children are included in the party.

    Siblings of Guests

    You aren’t obligated to invite siblings of your child’s birthday party guests unless there is a special relationship that would cause you to do so. If you are inviting the parents, however, inviting the other siblings is common, so that parents don’t have to find a babysitter. Otherwise, even siblings who are close in age to the party guests are not typically included.

  • Answering Your Questions About Toddler Birthday Parties

    Ball Mania is the ideal indoor birthday party location in Doral for toddlers turning another year older. Parents and kids alike love the play experience we provide, and because parties can be customized for each guest, no two Ball Mania birthday parties are the same. If you are considering hosting your toddler’s birthday party at Ball Mania, then you probably have some questions in mind to help you in the planning process. Here is what you need to know. Toddler - Playing

    How many guests can I invite?

    At Ball Mania, we welcome both large and small birthday parties. Have a small gathering with a few kids, or invite up to 80 guests, so you can include all of your toddler’s friends, their friends’ families, and all of your extended family members who want to celebrate with your little one. We can help you adjust your guest list count so that it fits with your budget and your birthday party vision.

    How can I make my toddlers’ party unique?

    When you book a birthday party at Ball Mania, you’ll be assigned a party planner who can help you set up the perfect gathering. We can provide as much or as little of the things you need for your party as you like. Our planners can walk you through our party package options so you can find the right one for your budget, and then we can help you make decisions about your theme and any extras you want to add on, such as clown shows, face painters, and photographers. Although we provide decorations, you are also welcome to bring your own to incorporate with ours or to use exclusively. Your party will look exactly as you picture it, with the addition of our fun play areas.

    Do I need to bring food?

    Food is included in our party packages. We offer pizza and a variety of pasta, rice, and chicken dishes that you can order as needed. You can also opt to have the food subtracted from your party cost and bring in your own meals. You can also bring a cake of your choosing that is personalized for your toddler’s big day.

  • Try Out These Budget-Friendly Party Favors

    When you’re planning your child’s birthday party in Doral , one step you can’t forget is choosing party favors. If the favors at the store seem overpriced and uninspired, making your own is easier than you might think. Make your child’s birthday party special with the handmade favors shown in this video.

    Bubbles are always at kids’ birthday parties, but make yours unique by transferring the bubbles into homemade containers with wands crafted out of pipe cleaners. A homemade version of the game Memory, that is personalized with your child’s favorite characters and colors, is also a good solution. With a little creativity, you can send all of your birthday party guests home with favors they won’t toss aside and forget about, all while saving money compared to the standard, store-bought options.

  • Safety Considerations When Organizing Parties for Toddlers

    Toddler birthday parties can be fun for both parents and children, alike. However, since toddlers are still learning how to explore the world around them, you will want to take extra safety precautions when you are planning a party for your young ones. In order to make sure that your birthday party is safe for younger children, you will want to avoid any party favors or decorations that could pose a choking or tripping hazard. A party place near Doral can work with you to help you make sure that your birthday party decorations and other items are appropriate for young kids.

    Another safety consideration to keep in mind when you are organizing a toddler birthday party is whether your food and drink items are free of common allergens. Peanuts and other tree nuts are common causes of allergic reactions in young children. To keep every party participant safe and healthy, you may want to ask parents about allergies and other health considerations before you plan your menu and activities.