• Keeping Toddlers Safe During the Summer Party Season

    Safety is paramount during summer parties, because children are around swimming pools, food spreads, and different party places in Doral . You can keep your children safe by choosing a reputable party place and being aware of any potential food allergies and sensitivities. These are just a few ways to keep your toddlers and children safe during a summer birthday party. Read on for more information.

    Be Aware of Food Allergies

    Food allergies and food sensitivities are more common than ever. Your children or your children’s friends might have severe or minor food allergies that can be easily accommodated. Ahead of every party, ask parents if there are food issues to be aware of, and notify the parents of which foods you intend to serve. If there are any food sensitivities in your children or their friends, then ask your party place about menu options. Many birthday party venues offer a selection of food options that can accommodate most food allergies and special diets.

    Monitor Games and Activities

    It is crucial that you and other adults monitor the different games and activities held during a birthday party. For example, ball pits and play areas should have an adult present to ensure children are playing nicely and not in danger of being hurt. If children are swimming, then ensure all swimmers are properly trained and are wearing any necessary flotation devices. If you hang a piñata for your children to swing at, then create a wide circle around the swing zone. This will ensure no one is accidentally hit by a bat.

    Hire Reputable Party Planners

    If you have a birthday party at a professional party place or hire party entertainment, then ensure the company is reputable and hires safe workers. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and look at various reviews of different companies. Speak with at least three companies to determine the best party packages and to ensure their party planners and entertainment employees have been properly checked and vetted.

  • Fun Themes to Consider for Your Toddler’s Spring Birthday Party

    Spring is here, and if you are planning your toddler’s birthday party near Doral, then you need some fun birthday party ideas. There are many themes to go with a spring birthday party, such as ladybugs and butterflies. You can also try a balloon theme, gardening ideas, and a fancy tea party. Let’s take a look at some fun themes your toddler might like for her upcoming birthday party . tea - party

    Tea Party

    Tea parties are fun for any occasion, and your toddler and her friends will love the many opportunities that can come with a tea party. They can dress up in fancy clothes and jewelry. They can enjoy bright fowers, colors, and decorations. Serve delicious cupcakes, cookies, finger foods, and juice to get everyone in the mood for a tea party at your toddler’s next birthday party.

    Ladybug Theme

    Ladybugs can provide great birthday party ideas for your toddler’s next birthday. You can choose red and black polka dotted decorations and place settings. You can also include simple activities, such as cookie decorating and craft kits. Add more birthday party ideas by including other bugs, flowers, and gardening supplies.

    Balloon Party

    A balloon-themed birthday party is great for a boy or girl. If your child loves the different colors, sizes, and shapes of balloons, then treat her with a balloon party. Many birthday party venues will include balloons with their party packages, and you can come up with some fun and inventive balloon-themed party ideas. Cupcakes and cookies are easy to decorate in balloons, and you can cut out cardboard balloons to make colorful centerpieces. The options are endless with a balloon birthday party.

    Butterfly Theme

    Similar to a ladybug theme, a butterfly theme can include many versatile birthday party ideas. Butterflies come in several colors and designs which can be easily recreated with crafts and decorations. If your toddler enjoys the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar , then include the book or themed favors in your goody bags.

  • Should Siblings Be Invited to a Toddler’s Birthday Party?

    Planning a toddler’s birthday party is a fun experience, because parents can work with their Doral birthday party place to host an exciting and enjoyable event. These birthday party places can accommodate dozens of children and parents in their play areas and ball pits. However, some parents may run into the problem of guests wanting to bring siblings to the birthday party. Let’s take a closer look at the proper etiquette of whether siblings should be invited to a toddler’s birthday party.

    Unless the invitation says otherwise, parents should never assume that they can bring uninvited children to a birthday party. Many people only plan for a certain number of guests to attend a birthday party, and they may not have enough space or food to accommodate extra children. However, parents can ask the birthday toddler’s parents if it is acceptable to bring an older or younger sibling to the party. The parents should offer to pay for the extra child or otherwise help the birthday kid’s parents in some way for allowing the sibling to join.

    Toddler - Party

  • What to Look for When Choosing Your Next Kids’ Party Venue

    When choosing the right birthday party place in Doral , there are certain features to look for. Locating a safe party place, complete with different packages and amenities, is the key to throwing a successful birthday party for your child. Safety and variety are paramount to keeping your guests satisfied and your child happy. Continue reading for more information about what to look for when choosing your child’s birthday party place. kids - birthday - venue

    Various Party Packages

    A great kids’ party venue will have several packages to choose from to create a fun and engaging party. These party packages should include access to different ball areas, playgrounds, and play equipment. In addition to different play options, party packages should also include various menu choices to please the children and adults at your party. Party packages will also include decorations with different themes your child can choose. When looking for a birthday party place, look for one that offers you many choices to host a great party.

    Safe Venue

    It is essential that your birthday party venue be safe for everyone who is attending. Children should feel safe from injury and strangers; parents should feel comfortable letting their children play in the designated areas. An exceptional party place will have different strategies to ensure that all guests are safe. For example, many party places host private parties and supply party hosts to keep events separate and safe while children have fun in smaller groups.

    Varied Amenities

    In addition to party packages, a great birthday party place will offer several amenities to complete your child’s birthday party. These amenities may include colorful invitations and thank you cards, as well as cups, plates, and napkins in your chosen theme. Other additions may include sodas, a cotton candy cart, and a popcorn cart to keep the children happy throughout the party. Ask your intended party venues about all of the included amenities that your guests can enjoy.

  • Look at Everything Included in Your Party Package!

    Once you have chosen Ball Mania for your kid’s birthday party in Doral, you will enjoy a variety of amenities and options to throw the best birthday party. In addition to large ball pits and fun play areas , Ball Mania offers a thorough list of amenities, menu choices, and decorations. Learn more by contacting the party hosts of Ball Mania and reading below.

    Ball Mania seeks to keep kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages happy while attending a birthday party. With an all-ages playground, ball pits and equipment, and a video game station, every guest at your next party will have something fun to do. You will have access to the entire play area for four hours and have your own personal party hosts to keep the event running smoothly. The food menu carries diverse choices, such as pizza, arroz imperial y Maduro, and chicken fettucine alfredo. You and your child will also have access to fun decorations like a painted table cloth, piñata, and balloons. Receive a comprehensive list of amenities once you call Ball Mania.

    ball - pit

  • Get Up-Close with Ball Mania

    Ball Mania is Doral’s indoor party location that offers fun for kids of all ages. From our bounce playground to our tunnels and slides, there is something for everyone at Ball Mania, which is why we’re such a popular venue for birthday parties in Doral . If you’re considering hosting an event at Ball Mania, here is a look at what you can expect.

    When you plan a birthday party or other get-together at Ball Mania, you get private access to all of our amenities for four hours. In addition to our playgrounds, we have a video game station, levitation air table, cotton candy and popcorn cards, and unlimited soda machines. Food is included in all party packages, with options for both kids and adults. With the help of your party planner, you can pick a theme, decorations, and additions to make your party even more memorable, such as a clown show or face painters. Let us take care of all of the set-up and cleanup for your party, so you can sit back and enjoy the fun with all of your guests.

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  • Tips for Planning a Winter-Themed Kids Party

    The winter months offer many opportunities for people of all ages to get together and celebrate the season. If you are a parent, you may want to plan a winter-themed party for your kids and their friends. A party place near Doral that offers ball pits and a child-friendly play area is the perfect venue for your winter festivities. The team of staff at your party place may also be able to assist you with your party planning. If you are getting ready for an upcoming kids party, here are some great winter party planning tips. Winter - Bears

    Decorate With Snowy Items

    Decorating for a winter party can be fun for kids of all ages. To create a wintery atmosphere at your venue, you may want to deck out the space with beautiful, custom made snowflakes. With the help of your children, you can cut out paper snowflakes of different shapes and sizes. These snowflakes can be strung together and hung on the wall to create a winter wonderland.

    Choose Seasonal Refreshments

    Part of the fun of the winter season is all of the great food and drink items that can be enjoyed when it is cold outside. When you are planning a winter kids party, you will want to make sure that you include all of their favorite winter foods and beverages. A hot cocoa station, for example, can allow children to mix and match their favorite garnishes. You may also want to consider having the kids decorate winter themed sugar cookies.

    Play Winter Themed Games

    Even if you are indoors and away from the snow, you can still choose to play winter themed games and engage in seasonal activities. Using white paper or cotton, you can create snowy creations. If you are feeling particularly festive, you may also want to play games that offer winter themes, such as pin the tail on the reindeer. Playing wintery music can also help to create a cozy and seasonal atmosphere for your party.

  • Party Favor Ideas That Kids Are Sure to Love

    Birthday party favors are always a big hit with parents and kids. This year, don’t hand out candy or cookies to your child’s friends. Come up with some new, inventive, and fun party favors that all of the kids are going to love. You can match party favors to your birthday party venue near Doral, or you can come up with something completely original to the birthday kid’s personality. Here are a few birthday party favors to try out: party - favors

    Packets of Seeds

    Giving every child a packet of seeds, or even a mini gardening kit, is a great birthday party favor. This favor helps children to learn more about earth science and how to positively influence the world around them. You can hand out packets of seeds, or you can create a starter kit complete with a recyclable container and soil.

    Bags of Marbles

    You may think a bag of marbles are too simple of a party favor. However, your child and his friends will love looking at the many colors, learning new games, and simply enjoying playtime with this classic toy. Be mindful of the kids’ ages and if they have younger siblings at home. Always tell the parents what you have given the kids so they can ensure the marbles are kept out of mouths.

    Bottles of Bubbles

    A bottle of bubbles is similar to a bag of marbles; it is an inexpensive birthday party favor that the kids will absolutely love. Multipacks of bubbles can be found at your local party planning place or toy store. You may even find them at a nearby dollar store.

    Kits of Crafts

    Craft kits can be done at the birthday party or taken home. Either way, they are sure to be a big hit. You can find different craft kits at your local craft store, online, or you can find simple crafts that can be done with household products. Try to match the craft with the birthday party theme or the season in which the party is being held.

  • Boys’ Birthday Party Ideas You Can Bet On

    If your son’s birthday is around the corner, party planning is sure to be on the agenda. At Ball Mania, we make birthday party planning easy with the perfect party venues for boys of all ages. Check out this infographic for simple strategies for planning your little one’s birthday party. Start by choosing a theme for the party. Popular boys’ party themes include choices like sports and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but you can build a fun get-together around nearly any of your son’s interests! With a theme in mind, all you have to do is contact Ball Mania . We’re experienced in kids’ birthday parties, and our planner will work with you to set up the perfect fun day for your little one and guests, while taking the pressure of set-up and cleanup off your shoulders. Start planning a birthday party in Doral today by contacting us, and give other parents a hand by sharing this information.

  • How to Make Birthday Party Invitations

    With various craft websites and smartphone apps, creative birthday party ideas can be found everywhere you look. These ideas can also help you to make birthday party invitations to give your child, his or her friends, and your family. You may also wish to ask your party place near Doral if they offer invitations or templates to help you make the perfect birthday party invitations.

    There are many ways to make a birthday party invitation. Many people prefer to make invitations with the environment in mind, and they will send invitations by email. These can feature animations, songs, and so much more. If you would like to make invitations by hand, then consider asking your child to help out. He can make a drawing or address the invitations to give it a personal touch. Guests will appreciate this added touch. It shows how much time and effort you and your child took to make a beautiful invitation for your guests.

    birthday - invitation