Planning a Green Birthday Party

It is more important than ever to be environmentally-conscious, so why not start going green with your child’s next birthday party? There are several ways to plan a green birthday party, and it all starts with booking an indoor party place. Indoor party facilities near Doral, FL have several reusable items—such as indoor playgrounds, party games, and decorations—that are essential to throwing a green party. Read on to see the other ways that you can have a positive effect on the environment and plan a fun birthday party .

Offer Crafts Over Goody Bags

Goody bags, filled with candy and plastic toys, often become trash shortly after guests leave the party. This unnecessary waste can be reduced by offering one small gift for each guests or do-it-yourself crafts to take home. Instead of handing out plastic-filled goody bags, offer guests a used book, a donation made in their name, or a reusable tote bag. You can also offer a fun craft, made of recycled items, to entertain the guests and give them a present to take home.

Avoid Single-Serving Drinks

A lot of party waste is generated through plastic water bottles, juice boxes, and soda cans. You can reduce this by giving guests reusable cups and pitchers of water, juice, tea, and sodas. Many indoor party facilities offer packages that include these refillable drinks, so you can cut down on waste, cost, and the stress of cleanup.

Choose Electronic Invitations

Instead of sending out paper invitations to your guests, send out electronic invites through email and social media. Inviting guests this way will reduce the amount of time and effort that comes with paper invitations, and you will have a more positive effect on the environment.

Use Reusable Dishware

Paper plates, paper cups, and plastic cutlery generate most of the unnecessary trash of birthday parties. You can reduce this waste by using reusable dishware found at your local dollar store or thrift shop. If your indoor party facility offers dishware, then ask if they offer reusable dishware or if you can bring in your own.

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