Food Ideas for Outer Space Themed Parties

Outer space is a fun theme for indoor parties , because you can decorate with glow-in-the-dark stars, hanging planets, and colorful aliens. You can also serve inventive snacks and dishes that will entertain all of your child’s friends and guests. Indoor party facilities in Doral, FL will often include food and drinks with their indoor party packages. However, you may be able to supplement these items with fun, outer space-themed snacks. Continue reading for a few ideas.

  • Cake pops are very popular, and these circular desserts can make great edible planets. Dip a cake pop into colored candy melts, stick it into a decorated foam ball, and allow it to dry. You can use various colors to make different planets, and set up the cake pops as edible centerpieces.
  • You can also offer different snacks—like cookies, donut holes, and donuts—and give them space-themed labels.
  • There are also dehydrated snacks and foods that astronauts eat. You can find these packages at camping stores, space museums, and online retailers.

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