Easy Pirate Cupcakes

You can take a pirate-themed, indoor party near Doral, FL to the next level with fun and easy-to-make pirate cupcakes. These cupcakes will complement the decorations offered by your local birthday party place, and they can be made within a few short hours. Read on to see how to make these pirate cupcakes for your child’s next birthday party.

As the video shows, you can use simple, printed templates to form a design on each cupcake. Once you have stenciled the design using toothpicks, pipe black frosting onto the surface. Heat up your red or white frosting to flood the middle of the design. Use toothpicks to spread the frosting. Be careful not to overflow the frosting out of the design. Once the cupcakes are complete, you can transport them to the indoor party facility for a fun pirate birthday party.

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