To Invite or Not: Dealing with Common Party Invitation Rules

Conventional wisdom about children’s birthday parties is that the number of guests should be the child’s age plus one—for instance, six guests as a birthday party for a five-year-old. Of course, this rule is rarely followed, and instead, parents can be left wondering who should and shouldn’t get an invite to their child’s birthday party in Doral . Don’t let your child’s party guest list turn into a high-stakes negotiation. Keep things fun and minimize the stress by sticking to these party invitation rules. Children's - Party

School-Aged Children

Guest lists are the most difficult for school-aged children. Start by checking with your child’s school. Some have rules about inviting the entire class to birthday parties, while others will only allow invitations to be distributed at school if the whole class is invited. Although inviting the entire class is a nice gesture, it is not always financially practical for families. If you can’t allow your child to invite his or her whole class, encourage him or her to choose a small group of close friends for the celebration, and then arm him or her with ways to navigate any hurt feelings that could arise if children find out they aren’t included. Recommend that your child avoids discussing the party at school unless the entire class is included.


For parties for young children, you may wonder if the other parents should be invited as well. Unless you want to rely on parents to take responsibility for their own children throughout the party, you are not obligated to include them in the invitation. If there are parents who you count as closer friends or who included you in their children’s birthday parties, then extending an invitation is a nice gesture. Most parents will welcome the break they get when only their children are included in the party.

Siblings of Guests

You aren’t obligated to invite siblings of your child’s birthday party guests unless there is a special relationship that would cause you to do so. If you are inviting the parents, however, inviting the other siblings is common, so that parents don’t have to find a babysitter. Otherwise, even siblings who are close in age to the party guests are not typically included.

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