• Answering Your Questions About Toddler Birthday Parties

    Ball Mania is the ideal indoor birthday party location in Doral for toddlers turning another year older. Parents and kids alike love the play experience we provide, and because parties can be customized for each guest, no two Ball Mania birthday parties are the same. If you are considering hosting your toddler’s birthday party at Ball Mania, then you probably have some questions in mind to help you in the planning process. Here is what you need to know. Toddler - Playing

    How many guests can I invite?

    At Ball Mania, we welcome both large and small birthday parties. Have a small gathering with a few kids, or invite up to 80 guests, so you can include all of your toddler’s friends, their friends’ families, and all of your extended family members who want to celebrate with your little one. We can help you adjust your guest list count so that it fits with your budget and your birthday party vision.

    How can I make my toddlers’ party unique?

    When you book a birthday party at Ball Mania, you’ll be assigned a party planner who can help you set up the perfect gathering. We can provide as much or as little of the things you need for your party as you like. Our planners can walk you through our party package options so you can find the right one for your budget, and then we can help you make decisions about your theme and any extras you want to add on, such as clown shows, face painters, and photographers. Although we provide decorations, you are also welcome to bring your own to incorporate with ours or to use exclusively. Your party will look exactly as you picture it, with the addition of our fun play areas.

    Do I need to bring food?

    Food is included in our party packages. We offer pizza and a variety of pasta, rice, and chicken dishes that you can order as needed. You can also opt to have the food subtracted from your party cost and bring in your own meals. You can also bring a cake of your choosing that is personalized for your toddler’s big day.

  • Try Out These Budget-Friendly Party Favors

    When you’re planning your child’s birthday party in Doral , one step you can’t forget is choosing party favors. If the favors at the store seem overpriced and uninspired, making your own is easier than you might think. Make your child’s birthday party special with the handmade favors shown in this video.

    Bubbles are always at kids’ birthday parties, but make yours unique by transferring the bubbles into homemade containers with wands crafted out of pipe cleaners. A homemade version of the game Memory, that is personalized with your child’s favorite characters and colors, is also a good solution. With a little creativity, you can send all of your birthday party guests home with favors they won’t toss aside and forget about, all while saving money compared to the standard, store-bought options.

  • Safety Considerations When Organizing Parties for Toddlers

    Toddler birthday parties can be fun for both parents and children, alike. However, since toddlers are still learning how to explore the world around them, you will want to take extra safety precautions when you are planning a party for your young ones. In order to make sure that your birthday party is safe for younger children, you will want to avoid any party favors or decorations that could pose a choking or tripping hazard. A party place near Doral can work with you to help you make sure that your birthday party decorations and other items are appropriate for young kids.

    Another safety consideration to keep in mind when you are organizing a toddler birthday party is whether your food and drink items are free of common allergens. Peanuts and other tree nuts are common causes of allergic reactions in young children. To keep every party participant safe and healthy, you may want to ask parents about allergies and other health considerations before you plan your menu and activities.


  • Tips for Planning a Winter-Themed Kids Party

    The winter months offer many opportunities for people of all ages to get together and celebrate the season. If you are a parent, you may want to plan a winter-themed party for your kids and their friends. A party place near Doral that offers ball pits and a child-friendly play area is the perfect venue for your winter festivities. The team of staff at your party place may also be able to assist you with your party planning. If you are getting ready for an upcoming kids party, here are some great winter party planning tips. Winter - Bears

    Decorate With Snowy Items

    Decorating for a winter party can be fun for kids of all ages. To create a wintery atmosphere at your venue, you may want to deck out the space with beautiful, custom made snowflakes. With the help of your children, you can cut out paper snowflakes of different shapes and sizes. These snowflakes can be strung together and hung on the wall to create a winter wonderland.

    Choose Seasonal Refreshments

    Part of the fun of the winter season is all of the great food and drink items that can be enjoyed when it is cold outside. When you are planning a winter kids party, you will want to make sure that you include all of their favorite winter foods and beverages. A hot cocoa station, for example, can allow children to mix and match their favorite garnishes. You may also want to consider having the kids decorate winter themed sugar cookies.

    Play Winter Themed Games

    Even if you are indoors and away from the snow, you can still choose to play winter themed games and engage in seasonal activities. Using white paper or cotton, you can create snowy creations. If you are feeling particularly festive, you may also want to play games that offer winter themes, such as pin the tail on the reindeer. Playing wintery music can also help to create a cozy and seasonal atmosphere for your party.

  • Educational Gift Ideas for Children

    The holiday season has arrived, and now is the time when parents are seeking unique gift ideas for their children. Whether you are gearing up for a birthday party , or you are seeking a special holiday gift for your son or daughter, you may want to focus on presents that are both entertaining and educational. A party place that offers a fun play area near Doral may be able to provide you with tips and information about the latest educational gift trends for kids. To assist you with your upcoming holiday shopping, here is an overview of some educational gift ideas to keep in mind for your children. Child - Playing


    Puzzles can help a child develop his or her understanding about patterns, colors, shapes, and a variety of other topics. When you are seeking an educational gift that your child will want to use again and again, you may want to shop for one of the many educational puzzles that are on the market today. As you are selecting a puzzle for your child, you will want to choose a product that is specifically designed for his or her age group.

    Diaries and Journals

    Even young children are sure to enjoy writing, drawing, and doodling in their very own journals. If you are seeking an educational gift that will allow your child to foster his or her imagination, a new journal may be the perfect choice. To supplement the gift of a diary or journal, you may also want to include colored pencils, markers, or other drawing and writing tools.

    Board Games

    If your family loves to get together and play games, you may want to consider investing in a new game for the holiday season. Many board games are specifically designed to teach children concepts about language, geography, science, math, and other subjects. Additionally, playing a board game will encourage cooperation and communication between all members of your family.