Who Should You Invite to Your Child’s Birthday Party?

Determining who to invite to your child’s birthday party in Doral can be a stressful decision. Do you invite family, friends, or your child’s entire class and parents? If you leave someone out, then you risk hurting someone’s feelings or even upsetting your child’s birthday party. Thankfully, there a few suggestions that can help you determine who to invite to your child’s birthday party.

  • Depending on your child’s age, you can get away with only inviting close family and friends. Toddlers and younger children may not have traditional friends that they care about coming to their birthday party.
  • If your school-age child is having a birthday party with friends from school, then it is courteous to invite his entire class.
  • You may choose to have separate birthday parties—one for family and the other for friends and classmates—as your child grows older.

Depending on your child’s friends, their parents may expect to stay for the party, or they may be prepared to drop off their children. If you have expectations about who will stay and who won’t, then politely write them on the invitation.

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