Answering Common Questions About Hosting a Party for Toddlers

Whether your toddler’s birthday party is held at a party place in Doral or at home, you probably have many questions about planning the event. You may wonder who should be invited or if you should give away goodie bags. Continue reading to find out the answers to these questions and more before planning your child’s party. kids - party

Who should I invite?

Your toddler may not have many personal friends yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from inviting classmates and peers. If you have fellow parent friends, family members, or your older children’s friends, then feel free to invite them. This is a great opportunity to expose your toddler to other children and get a sense of how she reacts in busy party environments.

Should I book a birthday party venue?

Again, this is up to you and how you think your child will respond. Toddlers love ball pits and play areas, so it is perfectly acceptable to book your toddler’s birthday at a party place. Check the party place’s age restrictions, if there are any, and book well in advance.

Do I give away goodie bags?

The answer to this question may be dependent on the age of the people attending. If it is strictly a family party, with more adults than children, you do not have to give away goodie bags. However, if there are going to be a lot of children, even toddlers, then it is best to have something small as a giveaway. Instead of offering candy, consider giving away bags of flower seeds, stickers, or crayons.

Do I send thank-you cards?

It is not a requirement, but this is the perfect opportunity to educate your toddler about manners and being gracious. No matter her age, she can leave some sort of personal touch on the thank-you cards. Have your toddler draw a picture of the gift, try her hand at writing some letters, or even just leaving a scribble. In addition to your written thank-you, this is a great way to show your guests you care.

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