A Look at the Top Children’s Birthday Party Trends for 2016

The summer season has arrived, and now is a time when many parents are seeking fresh and exciting birthday party ideas for their children. In order to plan a birthday party that is a total hit with your child and his or her friends, you may want to plan a kids birthday party the reflects the latest trends. A party place near Doral will be the perfect location for planning your next kid’s birthday party. Here is an overview of some fun birthday ideas that are all the rage this year. Birthday cake

Giant Balloons

When you are planning a kid’s birthday party, you may want to follow the giant balloon trend. While balloons have been popular at children’s birthday parties for many years, this year’s parties are featuring bigger and better balloons. With giant balloons, you can create a fun and exciting centerpiece for your child’s birthday table. Additionally, you can also come up with creative games to play with your giant balloons.

Homemade Piñatas

A piñata is sure to be a hit at your child’s next birthday party. As you are making preparations for an upcoming birthday celebration, you may want to get your whole family involved in the creation of a homemade piñata. When you make a piñata by hand, you can encourage your children to participate in a fun and exciting craft. Additionally, making your own piñata will allow you to choose your very own animal, shape, or character.

Educational Games

While birthday parties are all about having fun, you may also want to include an educational element in your festivities. This year, educational games are a top trend at kid’s birthday parties. For example, you can plan a painting project or other craft that teaches children about colors, shapes, or numbers. With these party planning ideas in mind, you will be ready to throw a birthday bash that will be a hit with all of your young guests!

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