• The Benefits of Hosting a Birthday Party at a Party Place

    Parents are busy and often find it challenging or stressful to plan and host their kid’s birthday parties. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the party planning process, consider using birthday party venues near Doral. Hosting your event at a birthday party place takes most of the planning and effort off of your hands!


    More Fun

    Birthday party places for kids frequently offer a variety of add-ons from which to choose. Clown shows, photographers, and face painters can add extra elements of fun to your child’s party.

    Convenient Catering

    When hosting a party at home, you’ll need to offer plenty of food and drink such as cake, meals, snacks, ice cream, soda, and juice. Providing enough to eat for all of your birthday party guests can be stressful, time-consuming, and messy. When you choose to host your child’s party at a party place, you’ll often have the option to choose catering services.

    No Decorating

    Taping up banners, filling and tying balloons, and hanging streamers can be a messy business that takes time and leaves more for you to clean up afterward. Choosing a party place for your kid’s birthday ensures less work for you. Party venues can take care of the decorating so you can simply show up and relax as a guest, rather than as a host.

    Enough Entertainment

    Birthday party places offer plenty of fun stuff to do to keep your child and the guests busy and active. Instead of worrying about providing games and activities that will occupy the kids throughout the length of the party, host the party at a venue where the fun is already prepared.

    No Cleanup

    Birthday parties can be exciting and enjoyable for your child and all of the guests. The aftermath, however, is often a different story. When the party is over, and all the kids have gone home, party hosts are typically left with countless dishes, messy decorations, and scattered toys to clean up. Hosting a birthday party at a party place means zero cleanup for you and plenty of fun for all of the partygoers.

  • Tips for Selecting a Birthday Cake

    If you are getting ready for your kid’s birthday party in Doral, you may be wondering what type of cake to select. The party’s theme, as well as your child’s favorite hobbies and colors, can all be used to help narrow your options for birthday party cakes.

    First, think about how you can tie the cake’s appearance in with the birthday party’s theme. If your party is sports themed, round cakes or half sphere cakes can be decorated to look like soccer balls or baseballs. For mermaid-themed kids’ birthday parties, cakes with blue frosting can be decorated with mermaids and sea creatures to create a fun underwater scene.

    If the party doesn’t have a particular theme, consider choosing a cake that’s decorated in a way which reflects your child’s hobbies or interests, such as fishing, fashion, superheroes, or princesses. If you’re still unsure, choosing a cake in your child’s favorite color is bound to be a hit.


  • Indoor Activities for Your Next Birthday Party

    Are you planning a kids’ birthday party in Doral ? Besides the food and gifts, you’ll need ideas for the activities that the party guests will enjoy. Here are a few kids party entertainment ideas for your next birthday party.


    Scavenger Hunt

    A great option for older children, scavenger hunts are engaging activities that can inspire competition and teamwork. This game can be played by individuals or in teams. Create a guide and then place the goal items throughout the party area. Offer prizes for everyone but add in something extra for the winners.

    Treasure Hunt

    If you’re afraid that your guests will struggle with a scavenger hunt, opt for a treasure hunt instead. Using plastic Easter eggs, fill each one with a small prize and hide them throughout the party area.

    Egg Relay

    This fun game will keep the kids active and having fun. First, divide the guests into two teams. Next, have the first person on each team balance a hardboiled egg on a spoon and walk about five feet, to a marker, and then return to pass the egg into the next person’s spoon. The first team to finish without cracking the egg’s shell wins.


    Coloring is an activity that children of all ages often enjoy. You’ll find free printable coloring sheets online in a variety of themes. With just a few sheets of paper and crayons or markers, you’ll have a fun and engaging activity for the kids to enjoy. Another option is to unroll a length of butcher paper across a table and let the guests create a mural together.

    Face Painting

    This activity is always a winner with kids. Children love having hearts, whiskers, stripes, butterflies, or rainbows sketched onto their faces. Whether you hire a professional or give face painting a try yourself, this indoor party activity is bound to create fun memories for your partygoers.

    Magic Show

    Hiring a party magician will have your guests entranced and entertained while you prepare meals or the next activity. Magic shows can be fun for young children and will help make the birthday party memorable.

  • Planning a Summer Birthday Party

    Are you planning a summer birthday party in Doral? Fun birthday ideas for summertime should focus on taking advantage of the warm weather. Water balloons and giant bubble wands will help keep the kids cool, and a backyard party provides plenty of space for treasure hunts and games.

    Watch this video for more tips on planning a summer birthday party for kids. When it comes to food, try to choose snacks that are both tasty and nutritious. Veggies and ranch dip are a popular birthday party snack and are ideal for a summer birthday party. For a sweet treat, fill paper cones with summertime favorites such as gummy bears and caramel popcorn.