Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Your Child

There is no shortage of birthday party ideas serving Doral, but sometimes it can be hard to pick which one your child and her friends might like. Here are a few fun birthday ideas that can be hosted at any party place you and your child choose.


Superhero Party

There are few things hotter right now than superheroes. X-Men, Black Widow, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and so many other characters are gracing the movie and television screens of the world, and kids cannot help but become entranced. Your child and all of her friends are sure to have a great time at a superhero birthday party.

Star Wars Party

Is there any other cultural phenomenon that has spanned decades and multiple generations? Maybe a couple, but Star Wars is a hit all over the world, no matter how old you are. Each child can come to the party dressed up as his or her favorite character. As they lightsaber battle for the fate of the universe, play all the movies and cartoons in the background to set the stage.

Book Party

Every child should foster a love of reading, so why not begin that love at your child’s birthday party? Decorate a cake as a pile of books, and pass out beloved children’s books as party favors. For the avid readers in the group, encourage discussions about their favorite books, and try a round of trivia or a quote-guessing game. The kids will come away with a new appreciation for books and a great party experience.

Pick a Decade Party

This kind of party might be more fun for the adults, but kids love to play dress-up, so give it a try. Your child’s party theme could be for a specific decade—80s and disco parties are always a hit—or every child can come dressed in their favorite decade or century, if you want to get really wild. Everyone gets to have fun dressing up, and they can learn about the history of fashion.

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