• A Look at Fun Games for Ball Pits

    Ball pits in Doral are a great place for kids to have fun and use their imaginations. These bright and colorful balls will capture anyone’s attention at a birthday party , so feel free to make a game out of playing in the ball pit. Here are some fun games adults and kids can play for a great time in the ball pits.

    Think of the ball pit as a type of swimming pool, without the water, of course. What games do you and your kids play in the pool? Marco Polo is always a fun choice, and almost every age will have a lot of fun as they try to run through the balls. Volleyball and basketball can easily be played in the ball pits using the colorful plastic balls. Even a simple game of “tag” is sure to give everyone a great time. There are so many ways you and your child can have fun at their birthday party; simply stretch your imagination and have some fun!


  • Tips for Selecting Birthday Party Venues

    There are many birthday party places your child can choose from, but how do you pick the right one? Of course it should be one of your child’s favorite places, but there are some logical ways to help determine your next party venue near Doral . Here are some of the important logistics of a kid’s party you should always keep in mind.

    Consider the Decorations

    Before rushing out and buying your child’s favorite cartoon in every decoration available, ask the party venues their policy on decorating. Some establishments will not allow any extra decorations brought in. Others might be more lenient toward small favors and party hats. Ask before you spend a lot of money on a decoration that might go to waste.


    Think About Catering

    Many venues will only allow food and drinks that come from their own kitchen or caterer. Often, they will allow an outside cake, but even that is up to whichever venue you choose. If there are known food allergies in your party, ask the venue if there are other catering options to purchase, or if you can have an allowance to bring in an alternative option for the allergy sufferers.

    Look at the Space

    Take a look around the party place, and look past the bright colors and flashing lights. Will the space be enclosed when the children arrive, or will there be multiple parties in one space? Look for hiding spots or potential areas that could cause injury. Spotting these areas does not mean you should look for another venue, but it does mean you should have a little more help from your fellow parents. Recruit some more adults to help supervise and protect the children attending the birthday party.

    Don’t Forget Entertainment

    The whole point of party places for kids is to have somewhere safe and entertaining for them to enjoy themselves. If your child had different entertainment in mind, ask if outside entertainment can be brought into the venue. Some venues may allow it, but others may have their own versions of entertainment that may please your child even more.

  • Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Your Child

    There is no shortage of birthday party ideas serving Doral, but sometimes it can be hard to pick which one your child and her friends might like. Here are a few fun birthday ideas that can be hosted at any party place you and your child choose.


    Superhero Party

    There are few things hotter right now than superheroes. X-Men, Black Widow, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and so many other characters are gracing the movie and television screens of the world, and kids cannot help but become entranced. Your child and all of her friends are sure to have a great time at a superhero birthday party.

    Star Wars Party

    Is there any other cultural phenomenon that has spanned decades and multiple generations? Maybe a couple, but Star Wars is a hit all over the world, no matter how old you are. Each child can come to the party dressed up as his or her favorite character. As they lightsaber battle for the fate of the universe, play all the movies and cartoons in the background to set the stage.

    Book Party

    Every child should foster a love of reading, so why not begin that love at your child’s birthday party? Decorate a cake as a pile of books, and pass out beloved children’s books as party favors. For the avid readers in the group, encourage discussions about their favorite books, and try a round of trivia or a quote-guessing game. The kids will come away with a new appreciation for books and a great party experience.

    Pick a Decade Party

    This kind of party might be more fun for the adults, but kids love to play dress-up, so give it a try. Your child’s party theme could be for a specific decade—80s and disco parties are always a hit—or every child can come dressed in their favorite decade or century, if you want to get really wild. Everyone gets to have fun dressing up, and they can learn about the history of fashion.

  • Hanging Your Party Decorations

    Decorating a kid’s birthday party in Doral can be as simple as hanging a few lines of streamers, also known as crepe paper. Be sure to ask your party venue and birthday party planner for additional decorations they might provide; you can add these to your colorful hanging streamers.

    Watch the video for a brief demonstration on hanging crepe paper. Depending on the theme of the birthday party, grab a couple different colors and designs of crepe paper. Take the end of one roll, tape it to a wall, bookshelf, or mantle, and start walking away, unraveling the roll as you go. As you walk back, twist the unraveling roll to create an interesting spiral effect. Consider crossing two different color streamers for an even more interesting effect.