A Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Birthday Cake

What kid’s birthday party is complete without the perfect cake? If you are planning your kid’s birthday near Doral , it is important to keep a few key concepts in mind when selecting the centerpiece for the event. Keep reading for a simple guide on choosing the perfect cake for your child’s birthday party.


Know How Many Guests to Expect

The size of the cake that you select will depend on how many guests you expect to entertain at the big event. Send out invitation cards well in advance of the party to allow guests plenty of time to respond. Consider including an RSVP deadline on the invitation to give yourself plenty of time to finalize preparations. If in doubt, order a cake that is slightly larger than the number of expected guests. After all, both kids and parents will be happy to leave your child’s birthday party with an extra slice of cake to take home.

Personalize Your Cake

Kids’ birthday party decorations are frequently centered on a particular theme. Whether it is a character that your child loves or a favorite hobby, your child will appreciate a birthday party that recognizes her individual interests. In addition to party favors that showcase your child’s personality, the birthday cake is a terrific opportunity to customize the party to your child’s taste. Ask your bakery if they can decorate the cake with an image that speaks to your kid’s favorite interest. Don’t be afraid to ask your bakery to see examples of their previous work before placing an order.

Consider Flavor Preferences

When choosing flavors for the icing and the body of your kid’s birthday cake, consider her favorite foods. If your child is a chocoholic, opt for a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. If your kid loves strawberries, ask your bakery if they can create a cake with strawberry frosting and fresh strawberries on top. When choosing a cake, be aware that other children at the party may have food sensitivities or allergies. Stay away from toppings like nuts, which many children will not be able to enjoy.

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