Fun Birthday Party Games for Your Child’s Next Celebration

After you pick your kid’s party place near Doral , it is time to begin planning the details. A kid’s birthday is a special time, and every child looks forward to his or her big day. Especially for smaller children, birthday party games are a great way to help kids get out some extra energy, learn cooperation skills, and bond with their peers. Continue reading for fun birthday party games for your child’s next birthday, including a scavenger hunt, theme trivia, and marco polo.

Kids Birthday Party

Scavenger Hunt

For your child’s next birthday party, consider incorporating a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt is ideal for almost all sizes of kids’ party venues, from large to small. First, create a list of items that kids should look for during the activity. Make sure you do not select items that are too small, as they could get lost or misplaced at the party venue. For example, if children will be playing in ball pits, do not hide items in the pits themselves. Consider picking colorful markers, plastic utensils, small stuffed animals, or age-appropriate toys.

Theme Trivia

Theme trivia is another fun idea for your child’s birthday party. Ask your kid to pick a birthday party theme from a pre-selected list of his or her favorite movies, TV shows, sports, or hobbies. Next, research simple trivia questions online. For example, if your daughter loves princesses, ask questions about popular Disney princess movies. You could ask what colors certain princesses wear, how old they are in the films, or who their best friends are.

Marco Polo

Whether you are planning indoor fun for kids or an outdoor birthday party, consider incorporating a game of Marco Polo. Almost all party places are suitable for Marco Polo, from a summer pool party to inside ball pits. Simply loosely tie a blindfold around one child, while the other children spread out through the area. After counting to twenty, the child who is “it” can begin shouting “Marco”. The other children must answer “Polo” in return, and the game proceeds like a slow-paced game of tag until someone is found.

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