• A Look at the Menu at Ball Mania

    ball mania menu doral At Ball Mania , we’re committed to offering safe, exciting indoor fun for kids, as well as being the best birthday party place for kids near Doral. We employ an experienced and talented birthday party planner, who can help you choose from among our many affordable party packages. Each party package includes the use of our ball pit and other awesome kids’ party entertainment options, as well as birthday party invitations, thank you cards, party setup and cleanup, talented party hosts, and food and beverages for all guests.

    Our children’s menu for each birthday party package includes pizza and the use of our unlimited soda machine. Kids will also be able to enjoy fun party snacks, like our cotton candy cart and popcorn cart. You are welcome to provide the birthday cake of your choice, and we can provide plates, cups, napkins, and utensils to use when serving the party food.

    The adult menu that is available in our birthday packages is much more varied. Adults can choose between baked ziti and garlic bread, chicken fettucine alfredo, arroz imperial y maduro, moro con lechon asado y yucca, and arroz con pollo y maduro.

  • Fun Themes for a 6th Birthday Party

    If you’re planning a kids’ birthday party near Doral , you might be looking for some fun birthday ideas. When you choose a party theme for your kids’ birthday party, the other party elements, such as decorations, kids’ party entertainment, and the birthday party menu, will fall into place much more easily. The birthday party planner at your party venue can offer some theme suggestions, as well as party packages that match the theme.

    Watch this video for some great ideas for fun kids’ party themes for a 6 th birthday party. Marley Majcher, owner of a successful catering and event-planning company, offers some creative and fun party theme ideas for a kids’ birthday party.

  • Creating Simple Party Favors

    kids birthday party venue doral As you begin planning your kid’s birthday party , you should look for fun birthday ideas near Doral. One great birthday party idea is to give each child a party favor as he or she leaves the birthday party venue. Here is a guide to creating simple but amazing birthday party favors for your kid’s birthday party.

    Fun and Exciting Toy Bags

    All kids like toys, and you can easily put together a little bag of toys that is appropriate for the age of the kids at the birthday party. You can go to a party supply store, dollar store, or toy store and pick out an array of small toys to include. You can even set up a grab bag or party favor station and let each guest pick out his own special toy. The best toys for this type of party favor bag are small animal figurines or action figures, superballs, bubbles, silly putty, toy planes or cars, and puzzles.

    Delicious Party Treats

    If you get permission ahead of time from the parents of the attendees of your kid’s birthday party, you can create a treat bag of delicious birthday party favors. This is a very affordable option, which might be useful if you’ve already spent money on a party place and kids’ party entertainment. You can include gum, candy, or homemade goodies for each child. Be sure to find out if any children have allergies or dietary restrictions before putting together these birthday party favors, however. You can also set up a cookie or cupcake decorating station and let the guests create their own party treats.

    Party Favors that Match the Birthday Party Theme

    A very fun birthday idea is choosing party favors that match the theme of your kid’s birthday party. For instance, if your child is having a superhero party, the party favors can include a mini superhero action figure, a superhero mask, and a superhero coloring book. The kids will be excited to get a memento of such a fun themed birthday party.

  • Tips for Getting Active with Your Kids

    kids parties near doral As every parent knows, kids have a lot of energy, which means they need plenty of exercise. That is why kids parties near Doral should incorporate active indoor or outdoor playtime. When you pick a party place to celebrate any special occasion, be sure to pick a venue that gives kids a safe and spacious area to play. Continue reading to learn how outdoor activities, planned events, and fitness classes can help you and your kids stay active together.

    Outdoor Fun

    Stay fit with the whole family by planning one outdoor activity each week that allows everyone to participate. In the summer, consider adding hiking, biking, or swimming to the schedule. Sledding is always a fun winter activity. If it is too chilly outside, invite the kids to join in an indoor game of hide and seek. Take along some healthy snacks so your kids look forward to these fun times.

    Planned Events

    If you have kids, you and your friends who are parents are always looking for birthday ideas. In addition to planning your own kids birthdays, offer to pitch in and help plan other birthday parties. Not only will other parents appreciate the help, but it will give you a chance to integrate physical activities to keep everyone fit. Playgrounds and ball pits are fun for the whole family and give kids the chance to burn off extra energy. Birthday party venues often offer help planning a private party to take some of the stress away from planning.

    Fitness Classes

    Another idea that will keep you and your little ones active together is signing up for whole family fitness classes. Many fitness clubs and community centers offer yoga, aerobics, and dance classes designed for parents and kids alike. If your little one is too young to participate, consider pushing him or her in a stroller for long walks. There are also many baby and me yoga and pilates classes.