Keeping Kids Entertained at a Birthday Party

kids birthday party in doral Planning a kids’ birthday party in Doral requires even more than just a special party place. Fortunately, with just a little creativity and some thinking ahead, you can plan a memorable birthday party that is fun for kids and adults. Of course, the first steps involve picking from party venues and planning food and treats. Keep reading to learn how to games, art, treasure hunts, and exercise will keep kids entertained at a birthday party.

Fun Games

Almost everyone remembers having piñatas at birthday parties. But one new twist on the trend allows everyone to participate—and also saves money. To keep kids entertained, make mini paper bag piñatas. First, hand out paper bags, and let each child decorate his or her own with colored markers or crayons. Next, fill them with inexpensive toys or candy. Finally, blow air into the bags and stretch them all along a string tied between two posts and give each child a turn to whack the bags.

Creative Art

If you are planning a girl’s birthday party, purchase inexpensive hair clips or headbands. Have girls decorate and glue items onto their new hair accessories and then set them aside to dry during cake time. For another quiet activity, consider making bracelets of craft foam or wrapped yarn. Another sweet and inexpensive art activity is to allow each child to decorate part of the birthday tablecloth with handprints or foam stamps

Energetic Exercise

One of the best ways to entertain kids is to keep them active. For indoor fun for kids, consider renting a party place with ball pits. Ball pits are a safe, fun way for kids of all ages to get out their energy. Ball pits are also perfect for unpredictable weather. By planning a birthday party with indoor exercise, you can rest assured that kids will have a great time rain or shine.

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