How to Help Your Kids Get Active

indoor fun for kids serving doral Helping your kids get active—and stay active—will help your kids develop habits that will keep them healthy. From family walks to indoor fun for kids serving Doral , there are many different opportunities for kids to get more active. Read this article for some tips on how you can get your whole family moving more.

Limit Screen Time

Watching TV, surfing the Internet on the computer, and playing video games are major culprits behind the reason many kids are not getting the physical activity they need. While there is nothing wrong with these activities every now and then, time spent sitting behind a screen should be moderated for children. Providing an active alternative to fill free time can help limit screen time.

Set an Example with Physical Activity

Children learn by example, so if they see you doing more to get more activity, they will likely follow. Getting active can be something the whole family can do together. Consider making time for family walks after dinner, or hikes on the weekend that are suitable for family members of all ages. Visits to the local park or taking bike rides through the neighborhood are great ways of enjoying the outdoors and getting exercise.

Offer Exercise Alternatives

Playing sports is a great way for kids to get active. However, not all sports are a match for everyone. If playing a team sport like soccer or baseball doesn’t interest your child, it doesn’t necessarily mean your child isn’t interested in sports. Activities such as swimming or gymnastics might be alternatives for your child.

Plan Active Playtime

Making activity fun will likely mean your child will enjoy doing it. Instead of spending a weekend afternoon sitting in a movie theater, consider an active alternative. This could be playing mini golf, ball pits, or other indoor fun for kids. Consider making special occasions more active as well. Many different venues offer active birthday party ideas.

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