• Making Birthday Party Favors

    Party favors can add a special personal touch to any birthday party in Doral . Party favors offer your guests something they can take home and remember your party by. They can also be a fun way to incorporate your party’s theme.

    Watch this video for some fun and easy ideas for making party favor goodie bags. Party favors can be as simple or elaborate as you want; use your imagination and the options are endless. Your child can help decide what they want to give their guests at a birthday party, and can be included in party planning by helping to assemble the favors.

  • Creating a Checklist for Your Birthday Venue

    birthday party venue in doral fl When it comes to planning a birthday part y , organization is the key to success. If you are looking for birthday party venues near Doral , this checklist will help you stay organized as you plan your event.

    6-8 Weeks Prior to the Party

    While it may seem like your child’s birthday is months away, now is the time to begin thinking about what type of party your child wants—and where. Consider visiting different venues to get the best sense of what you and your child are looking for in a birthday party. When visiting different locations, ask important questions such as whether or not they allow outside food and what party packages they offer. Once you find a venue you want, pick a date and book the venue. Pick your party theme and start a guest list.

    3-4 Weeks Out

    Now that you have a date and location, a month before the event is an ideal time to begin placing any necessary orders for cakes, decorations, and items for goodie bags. You should know how many people have been invited. The venue can help guide you in what decorations they provide and what additional items you might need, if you want them.

    2 Weeks Before

    You should create a day of birthday party timeline 2 weeks before the party. Decide what games or entertainment you will need to plan for. The timeline will help you plan whether or not you need to enlist family members or other parents to assist with different aspects of the party. You’ll also collect RSVPs as they are sent back.

    Week of Party

    The week before the party is the time to confirm all the details you have been planning over the past 2 months. Confirm all the orders that have been placed for food and the birthday cake. Confirm any final details with your birthday venue. Prepare goody bags and follow up on any unreturned RSVPs.

    Day of Party

    Arrive to the venue early to set up before guests arrive. Keep track of who brought gifts and send thank you notes following the party.

  • Getting to Know Ball Mania

    Ball Mania Logo Ball Mania is one of the most popular places for kids’ birthday parties near Doral , because we provide safe, exciting, indoor fun for kids. Our party place offers a wide variety of kids’ party entertainment that encourages kids of all ages to play and explore. We have a ball pit, bounce playground, toddler playground, levitation air table, arcade games, and a video game station that will delight and entertain guests for hours.

    We make planning a kid’s birthday party simple and stress-free by providing an experience birthday party planner. Your personal birthday party planner will listen to your birthday party ideas, and then help you pick out one of our all-inclusive party packages. You can also customize your own party package to meet your needs and budget.

    Holding your kid’s birthday party at our party venue can save you time, money, and stress. Our party packages provide kids’ party entertainment, food, beverages, decorations, invitations, and thank you cards. Our birthday party set up and cleanup services allow you to just relax and enjoy the party with your guests. We also provide party hosts, who ensure that all children are safe while using our facility.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

    Kids in a Ball Pit in Doral If you’re looking for the perfect kids’ birthday party place near Doral , there are a few factors you should consider. The key elements of a successful kid’s birthday party are a fun birthday party venue with ample kids’ party entertainment, and the party packages and birthday party planner provided by the birthday party venue. Here are some tips on finding the best birthday party venue for your kid’s birthday party.

    Look for a Venue that Offers a Variety of Kids’ Party Entertainment
    Kid’s birthday parties often include guests of all ages. This means that the kid’s party entertainment offered by your birthday party venue should be diverse. Party places that provide indoor fun for kids often have a range of activities suited to both older and younger children, such as arcade games, ball pits, and playgrounds.

    Compare Party Packages
    Most party places offer birthday party packages to simplify your party planning. When choosing between different birthday party venues, compare their party packages. The party package should save you money, and take some of the stress out of planning the party. Look for all-inclusive party packages that provide kids’ party entertainment, food, beverages, decorations, invitations, and setup and cleanup. The party packages can also be customized to meet the needs of your party theme.

    Choose a Birthday Venue that Provides a Birthday Party Planner
    Holding a kid’s birthday party at a birthday party venue, rather than at your home, should save you time, stress, and money. In addition to party packages, many birthday party venues provide a birthday party planner to further facilitate your party planning. The birthday party planner should take your budget and birthday party ideas into consideration, helping you find a party package that saves you money, and gives you the best party amenities. The party planner should also coordinate with the birthday venue to ensure that the event goes smoothly, and that the guests and hosts leave happy.