A Look at Some Creative Birthday Party Themes

Choosing a birthday party theme is the best way to make all of your party planning elements fall into place. Once you choose a theme, it’s much easier to choose a birthday party venue, kids’ party entertainment, and party package. If you’re searching for birthday party ideas near Doral for your kid’s birthday party, take a look at these creative birthday party themes.

Kids Birthday Party Dress-Up Party
Boys and girls of all ages love playing dress up. Bring a box of costumes and dress up clothes from your home to the birthday party venue. Encourage each guest to create an outfit or costume using items from the box. Children may have to choose items one at a time to discourage fighting. Once each child has crafted a unique outfit, you can hold a mini fashion show, or hand out small prizes or party favors to each child that celebrate his or her creativity. If you allow children to wear their creations while they play, make sure the clothing is safe for them to run around in.

Ball Pit Party
Ball pits are one of the most magical choices for kid’s party entertainment. Children rarely have the chance to play in ball pits, so they’re a very exciting and novel form of indoor fun for kids. Brainstorm some party games to play in the ball pit, such as a ball pit treasure hunt, or ball pit freeze dance. Ball pits encourage creative play, and your guests will likely develop their own unique party games in the ball pit. Encourage this creativity by asking the children to imagine a party game, and then teach it to each other.

Carnival Party
A carnival party may sound like a complicated, expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Find a birthday party venue that offers a variety of kid’s party entertainment options. Ask the birthday party planner at the venue if any party packages allow you to customize the activities to fit a carnival theme. Each activity can be a different carnival attraction, providing endless indoor fun for kids.

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