• Kids indoor party

    Are you looking for a place where you could have a kids indoor party in Miami that would offer activities and an atmosphere that will both please the whole family and create a memorable experience for you and your child?

    Finding the right kids indoor party location in Miami is not an easy task. First you will need to find a place which has amenities for the whole family to ensure that everyone from toddlers to their grandparents equally enjoy the party. The second, and possibly the most important element in making a great kids indoor party is the staff. Great party attendants can really make a difference in the outcome of your party. Great party attendants will not only setup the party and clean up afterwards, they will also spend every minute of your party making sure that your child is the star of the party and that your guests are entertained.

    Taking a tour of the location you are considering for your kids indoor party is a great way to see the amenities, and meet the staff which will be in charge of making your party a successful one.

    Ball Mania is conveniently located in Doral and offers easy access from anywhere in Miami. With a professional and dedicated staff, beautiful decorations, and amazing amenities, Ball Mania has all you need to make your child’s party a memorable one.

  • Best place to have a baby birthday

    Birthdays for babies are equally special for the birthday baby as they are for the parents. Those are memories that cannot be recreated. This is why it is so important to have your baby’s birthday in a place that is truly dedicated to making your day special. A place that offers party setup, so you don’t have to worry about putting everything together. A place that provides attendants dedicated to making the birthday girl or boy the center of the attention and the center of the games & songs, to make the memories extra special. A place that will clean up when the party is over so that you don’t have to worry about any of it.

    If you are looking for that perfect place to have your baby’s birthday, then you are looking for Ball Mania, in Doral. Ball Mania is the ultimate in fun, security, and “all ages entertainment”. The location offers attractive party packages for babies that will be a hit with the entire family.

    Ball Mania is located in Doral and offers a secure indoor party place for kids of all ages. Some of the amenities include: a toddler playground, a bounce playground, a ball cannon blaster, tunnels and slides, levitation air table, popcorn cart, video games, food, and more…

  • Baby Party Locations in Miami

    Are you looking for a baby party location in Miami? A location that offers party setup, arranges for food, cake, and amenities like: music, toddler play area, kids playground, a video game station for teenagers, a bounce playground for everyone, a cotton candy cart, a popcorn cart, unlimited soda machines, and more? There is such a place! The name is: Ball Mania, in Doral.

    Ball Mania offers a private and secure indoor playground for all ages. Attendants are there to ensure your guests are entertained and comfortable, and that your party will be a memorable one. Here is what Kim had to say about Ball Mania:

    “Thank you for everything. You guys delivered everything you said you would. I was a little skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true “arrive as a guest a leave as a guest”, but I did. I arrived as a guest and left as a guest. No cleaning!!! My daughter was very happy. My family loved the food. We will definitely be back for another party.”

    With its great amenities, Ball Mania is the ideal baby party location in Miami. Located in Doral, and easily accessible from anywhere in the Miami area, Ball Mania offers optimum privacy, a comfortable and secure party space with great activities for all ages.

  • Children’s Party Places in Miami

    Finding the right children’s party place in Miami is not easy. Every location has something good to offer, but when it comes to pleasing the whole family, the one that has the complete package is Ball Mania. With activities for the whole family, Ball Mania is the ideal children’s party place in Miami. Here is what Brooke had to say about her experience at Ball Mania:

    “Before I discovered Ball Mania I looked at a lot of children’s party places in Miami, but I could never really find something that I thought would please the whole family. Our party went really well, the staff was very courteous, the food was great, the guest were very comfortable. I highly recommend Ball Mania to anyone who is looking for a great party place for their kids.

    I have to say, I was impressed with Ball Mania. The food was great, the place was clean, and most importantly it was air conditioned! Brooke S.”

    Ball Mania is the best Children’s Party Place in Miami. Located in Doral and easily accessible from anywhere in the Miami area, Ball Mania has activities that will please the whole family, with: music, interactive soft ball play system, toddler playground, bounce Playground giant ball basket, ball fountain, ball vacuum, cannon blaster, tunnels and slides, a levitation air table, a video game station and more…. Let Ball Mania take care of organizing, setting up, and cleaning up for you so you can truly enjoy the party.