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Children Birthday Party Venue in Doral, FL

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Indoor Parties in Doral

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The Ultimate Indoor Private Party Place Ball-mania-party

Are you searching for kids’ party venues in Doral or Miami but unsure where to look? At Ball Mania, we understand that finding a practical and affordable indoor party place can be difficult. Most party places allow too many events in one space, resulting in a stressful and inefficient environment. Our party place, however, is designed with your privacy in mind—you can expect a completely private area that is decorated and prepared exactly as you would like it. We host kids’ birthday parties, toddler birthday parties, baby showers, and themed birthday parties. Whatever type of indoor parties you want to host for your children, Ball Mania can definitely accommodate you!

Throughout our website, we provide information regarding:

Complete Birthday Party Experiences

Our kids’ parties have interactive activities and an accommodating staff that offers a unique and fun experience for you and your guests! We are with you from start to finish, including invitations, food, and even clean up after your event is over. Call (305) 640-0701 for more information and find out how you can save $100 on your next party!

Our unique party place consists of many interactive activities that are a blast for the whole birthday party or toddler fun group. The indoor play areas includes a wide selection of features, including blasters, vacuums, air tables, ball volcanoes, cannons, slides, and giant ball baskets. The video game station showcases the latest games for the Wii and Xbox. In addition, we also provide delicious food and desserts, a professional sound system, and interactive shows! We are the kid’s party place that all kids want to be at!

Our Amenities

Here are some more of the amenities you and your guests can expect to enjoy:

  • Balls pits galore
  • Indoor playground and video games
  • Cannon blaster
  • Tunnels and slides

Popcorn, cotton candy, unlimited soda machines

Rent Our Entire Venue

When you need a toddler party place, it can hard to find a good venue where you don’t have to stress out too much about supervision. Here at Ball Mania, you can rent out the whole place — there’s no need for cramped party rooms. This is a great way for the kids to actively pay and for the adults to relax, since we have a dedicated adults’ area where you can have a coffee, sit back, and chat with the other parents. Ball Mania is a great place to create memories!

A Relaxing Time for All

Our private parties can be reserved for up to four hours! This should give you and your kids plenty of time to make good use of our facility, especially since our helpful party hosts will set up and clean up for you. Whether you are hosting a baby shower or a birthday party for a toddler, child, or teenager, we can attend to your every need and ensure a stress-free time. Guests of all ages are welcome! Contact us today at (305) 640-0701 for a free estimate!

Get started on your child’s next birthday bash: 305-640-0701


Why Choose Us?

  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Private Parties
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Fun for Kids of All Ages
  • Trained Staff
  • Free Party Consultations Available