Keeping Toddlers Safe During the Summer Party Season

Safety is paramount during summer parties, because children are around swimming pools, food spreads, and different party places in Doral. You can keep your children safe by choosing a reputable party place and being aware of any potential food allergies and sensitivities. These are just a few ways to keep your toddlers and children safe during a summer birthday party. Read on for more information.

Be Aware of Food Allergies

Food allergies and food sensitivities are more common than ever. Your children or your children’s friends might have severe or minor food allergies that can be easily accommodated. Ahead of every party, ask parents if there are food issues to be aware of, and notify the parents of which foods you intend to serve. If there are any food sensitivities in your children or their friends, then ask your party place about menu options. Many birthday party venues offer a selection of food options that can accommodate most food allergies and special diets.

Monitor Games and Activities

It is crucial that you and other adults monitor the different games and activities held during a birthday party. For example, ball pits and play areas should have an adult present to ensure children are playing nicely and not in danger of being hurt. If children are swimming, then ensure all swimmers are properly trained and are wearing any necessary flotation devices. If you hang a piñata for your children to swing at, then create a wide circle around the swing zone. This will ensure no one is accidentally hit by a bat.

Hire Reputable Party Planners

If you have a birthday party at a professional party place or hire party entertainment, then ensure the company is reputable and hires safe workers. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and look at various reviews of different companies. Speak with at least three companies to determine the best party packages and to ensure their party planners and entertainment employees have been properly checked and vetted.

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