Party Favor Ideas That Kids Are Sure to Love

Birthday party favors are always a big hit with parents and kids. This year, don’t hand out candy or cookies to your child’s friends. Come up with some new, inventive, and fun party favors that all of the kids are going to love. You can match party favors to your birthday party venue near Doral, or you can come up with something completely original to the birthday kid’s personality. Here are a few birthday party favors to try out: party - favors

Packets of Seeds

Giving every child a packet of seeds, or even a mini gardening kit, is a great birthday party favor. This favor helps children to learn more about earth science and how to positively influence the world around them. You can hand out packets of seeds, or you can create a starter kit complete with a recyclable container and soil.

Bags of Marbles

You may think a bag of marbles are too simple of a party favor. However, your child and his friends will love looking at the many colors, learning new games, and simply enjoying playtime with this classic toy. Be mindful of the kids’ ages and if they have younger siblings at home. Always tell the parents what you have given the kids so they can ensure the marbles are kept out of mouths.

Bottles of Bubbles

A bottle of bubbles is similar to a bag of marbles; it is an inexpensive birthday party favor that the kids will absolutely love. Multipacks of bubbles can be found at your local party planning place or toy store. You may even find them at a nearby dollar store.

Kits of Crafts

Craft kits can be done at the birthday party or taken home. Either way, they are sure to be a big hit. You can find different craft kits at your local craft store, online, or you can find simple crafts that can be done with household products. Try to match the craft with the birthday party theme or the season in which the party is being held.

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